Hurricane Katrina Victims vs Citizens of Other Nations 

Immigration Reform is what the legislature has labeled their efforts to displace US citizens with citizens of other nations who entered the US illegally seeking opportunities for better lives.  One important aspect of the so called reform is granting amnesty with a path to citizenship to reward the law breakers who failed to follow established laws to enter the country legally.

There is a double standard in America - when the victims of Hurricane Katrina majority non-immigrant Black US citizens who as a result of us sanctioned enslavement have a population where one third of the residents live below the poverty line are not supported like law breaking citizens of other nations.   Among the nation’s 100 largest metro areas,  New Orleans ranks third in poverty concentration.   In 2000, 23 percent of the poor in metro New Orleans lived in high-poverty neighborhoods (where at least 40 percent of the population live below the poverty line).

In the days after the hurricane when the city began to flood, tens of thousands of mostly poor Black New Orleanians found themselves without food, water, or shelter, and were forced to depend on local and federal authorities to provide their basic needs.   The US Government  failed to provide support for the non-immigrant Black US citizens leaving many to wonder, why the jail the first institution to be “in business” after the city’s destruction.  

There has not been any amnesty granted to those who were forced to steal food and water in order to survive the disaster, yet the government wants tax payers to foot the bill, an estimated $6.3 trillion to grant amnesty for citizens of other nations illegally seeking opportunities to live the American "dream".  

FACTS:  24 million immigrants came to the US between 1890-1950.  Now the Senate is ready to vote on giving lifetime work permits and residency to 33 million citizens of other countries in the first decade alone.   Currently there are more than 20 million American citizens with a legal right to work in this country seeking full-time employment who have not been hired by American companies stating there is a workforce shortage.  

The estimated cost of  $6.3 trillion dollars to increase the number of foreign workers and grant amnesty to law breakers who have no right to be in America will become the responsibility of the taxpayers.  We are in the 2nd worst economic downturn in the history of the United States.  Fire, police, and other government critical programs that are supposed to serve legal law abiding citizens are being cut daily.    After granting amnesty to illegal immigrants who broke the law in the past, our  government has NEVER taken meaningful or effective steps to secure our borders with illegal immigrants entering the country daily.  Amnesty Now - Enforcement NEVER has been and continues to be the method of operation of our elected representatives.

The irony of this situation is the fact that  I personally wrote a letter to the White House to voice concern about the lack of concern by the current administration to address issues that support economic recovery for American citizens, and that our current economic status does not support increasing the burden to tax payers to support other countries citizens.   I emphasized the fact that Blacks are being disproportionately impacted.

Immediately an auto-response was received via email stating that due to sequestration budget cuts they were furloughed and not working.   Each time the government has granted amnesty under the auspice of immigration reform, they have failed to secure our borders and protect the interests of tax payers and legal citizens.   Immigration reform measures in the past have NEVER resulted in decreased immigration but have increased illegal immigration by rewarding law breaking opportunists from other nations who seek to live the American Dream.

Yolanda Lewis
BEE Coalition


    Malcolm X said, "If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything".  It is time for victims of US sanctioned enslavement to stand for what is right.  
    --  Yolanda Lewis


    June 2013
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