To put this woman on the same list as Osama Bin Laden is a clear message to Blacks in America.  The facts prove that she could not have physically shot the officer she was accused of how can an accusation of a single murder be classified as terrorist?

Why wasn't Sandy Hook or Aurora shooting incidents classified as TERRORIST attacks when many were killed.  Why have they put a death warrant on the head of Assata 40 years later.  Evidence demonstrates that she did not commit the murder and history proves Blacks were jailed for standing up to the oppressors.


06/29/2016 10:37am

Nice to read this post related to the Black Oppression. Not too many people talking about it and it helps a lot when someone share such information because it highlights the that were not addressed in a broader way.

12/02/2016 5:33am

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Black oppression in the United States has been there since the beginning. There are people who have already moved on and accept the black people, but there are also people who still hate them. I never get the thought why they hate each other. People just want peace and the only hindrance in their peace is their pride. I am still hopeful that there will come a time that this issue will be resolved. I can imagine how the world would be a happier place if there is no racism in it.

10/19/2016 11:45pm

I hope he is not a terrorist! He is a very good person and have very good thoughts in his head!

11/03/2016 5:00am

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12/05/2016 3:15am

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Does he still in that list? Or everything is right now with that?

10/27/2017 12:52am

That post reminds me about upcoming movie, black panther.

10/27/2017 3:30am

These black oppression is an amazing thing to discuss.

11/02/2017 9:57am

11/13/2017 1:54am

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    Malcolm X said, "If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything".  It is time for victims of US sanctioned enslavement to stand for what is right.  
    --  Yolanda Lewis


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